Signs of the Zodiac.


Signs of the Zodiac in French, German, Latin and Russian:


The Ram Bélier
The Bull Taureau
The Twins Gémeaux
The Crab Cancer
The Lion Lion
The Maiden Vierge
The Scales Balance
The Scorpion Scorpion
The Serpent-Bearer Serpentaire
The (Centaur) Archer Sagittaire
The Sea-Goat Capricorne
The Water-Bearer Verseau
The Fish Poissons


The Ram Widder
The Bull Stier
The Twins Zwillinge
The Crab Krebs
The Lion Löwe
The Maiden Jungfrau
The Scales Waage
The Scorpion Skorpion
The Serpent-Bearer Schlangenträger
The (Centaur) Archer Schütze
The Sea-Goat Steinbock
The Water-Bearer Wassermann
The Fish Fische


The Ram Aries
The Bull Taurus
The Twins Gemini
The Crab Cancer
The Lion Leo
The Maiden Virgo
The Scales Libra
The Scorpion Scorpius
The Serpent-Bearer Ophiuchus
The (Centaur) Archer Sagittarius
The Sea-Goat Capricornus
The Water-Bearer Aquarius
The Fish Pisces


The Ram Овен
The Bull Телец
The Twins Близнецы
The Crab Рак
The Lion Лев
The Maiden Дева
The Scales Весы
The Scorpion Скорпион
The Serpent-Bearer Змееносец
The (Centaur) Archer Стрелец
The Sea-Goat Козерог
The Water-Bearer Водолей
The Fish Рыбы

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