Units of Measurement Converter

Measuring Objects:

  1. Length: kilometre, metre, decimetre, centimetre, millimetre, micrometre, mile, nautical mile, league, nautical cable, nautical fathom, furlong, rod, yard, foot, inch, verst, chain (old Russian), yard (old Russian), fathom, arsheen, foot (old Russian), vershok, line, point.
  2. Area: sq. kilometre, sq. metre, sq. decimetre, sq. centimetre, sq. millimetre, sq. micrometre, sq. mile, acre, hectare, are, sq. rod, sq. yard, sq. foot, sq. inch.
  3. Volume: cub. kilometre, cub. metre, cub. decimetre, cub. centimetre, cub. millimetre, cub. micrometre, cub. mile, litre, quart (Brit.), quart (US, for liquids), cub. rod, cub. yard, cub. foot, cub. inch, UK pint, US pint (for liquids), UK gallon, US gallon (for liquids), oil barrel (bbl), US barrel (for liquids), beer barrel, fluid ounce, barrel (old Russian), pail, cup, pound of water, vodka bottle (0.6 l), wine bottle (0.75 l), charka, shkalik, table-spoon, tea-spoon.
  4. Mass: metric tonne, long (gross) tonne, short (net tonne), centner, kilogramme, pound, ounce, gramme, carat, berkovets, pud, half of pud, bezmen, ansyr', pound (old Russian), hryvenka large (hryvna), libra, hryvenka small (hryvenka), lot, zolotnik, dole, troy pound, troy ounce, troy grain.
  5. Temperature: temperature Fahrenheit, temperature Centigrade, temperature Reaumur, temperature Kelvin.
  6. Velocity: kilometres per hour, kilometres per minute, kilometres per second, miles per hour, miles per minute, miles per second, knots (nautical miles per hour), metres per hour, metres per minutes, metres per second, feet per hour, feet per minute, feet per second, velocity of light in the vacuum, velovity of sound in pure water, velovity of sound in air (at 20 °C).
  7. Pressure: pascal, bar, technical atmosphere, physical atmosphere, millimetres of mercury column, metres of water column, pound-force per sq. inch, kilogramme-force per sq. metre.
  8. Flow: m3/s, m3/min., m3/h, l/s, l/min., l/h, US gallons/day, US gallons/h, US gallons/min., US gallons/s, Brit. gallons/day, Brit. gallons/h, Brit. gallons/min., Brit. gallons/s, cub. feet/min., cub. feet/s, barrels/h, pounds of water/min., tonnes of water (metric)/day.
  9. Force, Weight: newton, dyne, kilogramme-force, kilopond, gramme-force, pond, tonne-force.
  10. Power: watt, kilowatt, megawatt, kilogramme-force-metre per second, erg per second, horsepower (metric), horsepower (Brit.).
  11. Quantity of Information: bit (b), byte (B), kibibyte (KiB), mebibyte (MiB), gigabyte (GiB), tebibyte (TiB).
  12. Time: millenium, century, decade (years), five-year, year, half year, quarter, month, decade (days), week, day, hour, minute, second, millisecond, microsecond, nanosecond.
  13. Caloric Value: kcal for the entered value in grammes.

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