Your Reliable Language Service Provider

TETRAN is a Moscow-based Translation Service Provider. It was established in 2005 by a team of specialists with over-ten-year professional background in the field of technical translations. Since then, the company has substantially extended its potential. Now we suggest a complete scope of translation services for a range of technical, financial and business domains.

Our portfolio includes the services quite in demand nowadays. These are: overall project scope assessment, work schedule development and implementation, personal editor/translator concept, proofs for printout and electronic publishing virtually in any graphics format, technical editor proofreading, correction, necessary amendments after translation accomplishment to adapt texts for various languages and cultures. This list is far from being complete as we do our best to tailor our service scope to specific client and project needs, we are flexible enough to meet our client halfway.

We use the latest software, hardware and advanced translation technologies based on Text Match Tracking statistics and Translation Memory. The company possesses large knowledge base including both nearly all dictionaries and reference matter available in the market and proprietary findings which are probably the most valuable asset. With the use of permanent value management and the most effective operating procedures, Tetran offers its services at very competitive prices with a tend to drop as our cooperation with customers becomes more cost efficient.

If you regularly require professional translation services from English/German/French into Russian or vice versa and for that purpose you want to establish a positive long term relationship with a translation service provider in order to meet all your translation needs, we would like to offer the services of Tetran Translation Company. As we focus on two language pairs only, we are able to produce professional technical translation for quite a range of industries. Working as written/oral translators for many years with a reliable foundation of scientific background are the prerequisites for the quality output as the documents are tailored by technical editors holding scientific degrees. Due to leading-edge technologies of Text Match Tracking (Translation Memory) use, advanced IT and production technology, edge-cutting methods for translation and management we offer very competitive rates for our clients.

With our extensive experience in technical translation (including large projects for major Western and Russian corporations with over 10,000 pages each), modern IT-equipment and software and highly qualified staff, we possess the background to rigorously and efficiently translate texts in the following domains:

  • Accounting statements, reports, budgets;
  • Automatic control systems;
  • Agricultural vehicles and equipment;
  • Audio- and video equipment (both professional and household);
  • Coal and gold production and preparation;
  • Electrical engineering;
  • Health, Safety & Environment;
  • Heavy engineering;
  • Information technologies;
  • Insurance - Property, Liability, Life & Health, Marine;
  • Legal paperwork (contracts, agreements, constituent documents, etc.);
  • Metallurgical engineering;
  • Nondestructive testing;
  • Oil and gas production, processing, transportation;
  • Telecommunication (GSM, 3G, 4G etc);
  • Utility networks and systems.