Recommended Table of Transliteration

Currently there are several approaches to the transliteration:

  1. GOST 16876-71 "Transliteration Rules For the Substitution of Cyrillic Letters with Latin Letters" (void).
  2. GOST 7.79:2000 (ISO 9-95) "System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Transliteration of Cyrillic characters into Latin characters" (valid, replacement for GOST 16876-71).
  3. ГОСТ Р 52535.1-2006 "Identification cards. Machine readable travel documents. Part 1. Machine readable passports"Appenidx А – Transliteration of Cyrillic for Russian Alphabet.
  4. ALA-LC Romanization Tables.
  5. English Style Guide. European Commission Directorate-General for Translation. Annex 2. Transliteration Table For Cyrillic (Bulgarian and Russian).
  6. Transliteration of Russian characters into Latin characters in Proper Nouns (GOST R 52290-2004. Traffic control devices. Traffic signs.General technical requirements).
  7. International Standard ISO 9:1995

In our professional opinion, the most convenient transliteration system for translation and cross-cultural communication is the Traveller''s Yellow Pages Transliteration system below. It is used, for example, on Moscow Underground maps and road signs.

Russian Alphabet LettersTransliterationRussian Alphabet LettersTransliteration
А а А а Р р R r
Б б В b С с S s
B в V v Т т T t
Г г G g У у U u
Д д D d Ф ф F f
Е (е) Ё (ё) Е е X х Харьков Kh kh Kharkov
Ж ж Жданов Zh zh Zhdanov Ц ц Центр Ts ts Tsentr
З з Z z Ч ч Чкалов Ch ch Chkalov
И и I i Ш ш Шадринск Sh sh Shadrinsk
Й й Йошкар-Ола Y y Yoshkar-Ola Щ щ Щедрин Sch sch Schedrin
К к K k ъ подъезд — podiezd
Л л Ll Ы ы Y y
М м M m ь смотри примеры
Н н N n Э э Е е
О о O o Ю ю ЮлияYu yu Yulia
П п P p Я я Яхрома Ya ya Yakhroma

Examples for Individual Letter Combinations

— ия— ia(at the end of a word)ЛияLia
— ия— iуа(in the middle of a word)СияниеSiyanie
— ый— y НовыйNovy
— ий  ЛенинскийLeninsky
— яя— ауа ВерхняяVerkhnaya
— ая  ЛенинградскаяLeningradskaya
— ыя— ууа ВыявлениеVyyavlenie
— кс— х МарксMarx
— Кс—X Ксения Xenia
— ья— уа ТатьянаTatyana
   Птичья Ptichya
— ьи— ii ПтичьиPtichii
— ью— yu ТретьюTretyu
— ье— ie АркадьевArkadiev
— ие— ie Аркадиев Arkadiev
—ль— l ИсследовательскийIssledovatelsky