Гимн Москвы.



(перевод на английский язык)


Подготовив перевод Гимна РФ на английский язык, мы решили не останавливаться на достигнутом и предлагаем вашему вниманию свой вариант перевода Гимна Москвы. Поскольку мы не литературные, а технические переводчики, то мы больше концентрировались на точности, а не на поэтичности.


I’ve hit many roads in many places,
Lived in an earth-house, in trenches, in taiga,
Was twice buried alive,
Knew separation, loved in the anxiety.
But I’m used to being proud of Moscow,
And in every place, I repeated the words:
My darling capital city,
My golden Moscow!

I love groves around Moscow,
And bridges over your river,
I love your Red Square
And the stroke of the Kremlin chimes.
In towns and far-away villages,
Rumors on you will never stop,
My darling capital city,
My golden Moscow!

We’ll remember rough autumn,
Rasp of tanks and gleams of bayonets,
And forever will live in the memories, twenty eight
the bravest sons of yours.
And the enemy will never strive
For you to bow your head,
My darling capital city,
My golden Moscow!


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